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hey gorgeous, I have something juicy for you

What if you could work directly with Source Frequency to completely unlock your next level, create more space to receive radical new levels of abundance and get laser focused clarity on your next steps in a single session?


Experience a powerfully immersive and fully bespoke transformational session with the crème de la crème of Source Frequency, Leanne Rose.

hey goddess


Work Directly With Source

Receive powerful, personalised energetic guidance and support directly from the highest frequencies of Source who can identify the key energetic blocks stopping you from unleashing your full potential.

Identify & Transmute Key Energy Blocks

Feeling capped? Your external world is simply mirroring back the restriction you are feeling in your internal realm. The Recode will help you identify and eradicate the old so you can create an entirely new elevated frequency in your system that will open you up to radical new levels of abundance as you step into your most potent and magnetic self.

What You Will Experience

Your session is tailored to exactly what you're needing in the moment. We dive deep into a specific desire or intention on your heart, guided by the powerful and loving frequencies of Source to show us which specific areas of energetic recoding to focus on.

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"I feel like you completely unlocked me with one session… like I’ve been given the keys to the Universe. After our session I stepped into an entirely new level of playfulness- in my business, with my kids, in my marriage. The frequency we unlocked contributed to my first 300k+ month…honestly one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. ”

~ Leanne Lopez Mosley, Multi Millionaire,

Trailblazer and Leading 7 figure Business Coach

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This is for you if ...

You're seeking clarity on how to expand to astronomical heights with a greater sense of ease and peace

You're craving a magical experience that helps you tap into your own Divinity and unleash your power

You're looking for targeted energetic support to help you unleash your next level

You’re ready to anchor into SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and play in a whole new paradigm.

Is this for me?

This is not for you if ...

You are not ready to fully commit to yourself and your vision at the highest level

You are content with the level of success you've already achieved and have no desire for more

You prefer to "go it alone" and do not desire high level support

You relish your comfort zone and are unwilling to expand outside of it


Here's what you may be feeling before our Source Session together

you aren't alone

feeling #1

You Are
Questioning Yourself

You’re expanding at a rapid rate but questioning whether you actually have the capacity to hold any more.


Your nervous system is frazzled. Your brain is running haywire, and there are things creeping up in your world that seem to be distracting you from reaching your highest potential.


You know you’ve just scratched the surface and there are small energetic tweaks you could be anchoring into that will blow you wide open to receiving at a new level.

feeling #2

You Are Feeling Pressure & Overwhelm

This pressure you feel to create more, to become more, is overwhelming.


You feel like you should be DOING more if you want to keep expanding (lies- you don’t need to do more) but how can you do more when you already feel like everyone wants a piece of you and are feeling fully stretched to the maximum?


The pressure you’re feeling is designed to catch your attention. This build up of pressure you feel, matched with your desire to HAVE IT ALL, is your system calling you into a higher state of play.

You’re ready to unlock a new frequency. One that will move you closer to receiving ALL those things you desire to manifest in your 3D reality (The money goals, the relationship goals, the body goals, the spiritual goals… you name it- it’s all just a frequency shift away.)

feeling #3

You Want More

You’ve created success but you know there is so much available to you.


You know there is a wealth of magic that resides in mastering your Internal world that you are not yet tapping into, that is going to exponentially open you up to a radical new level of success.


The Recode will take you through a powerful energetic experience that will show you the pieces you have been searching for so you can anchor into the frequencies that will become the building blocks of your next level.

If you’re tired of the guesswork, craving a new level of freedom and play and are fully ready to anchor into laser-focussed support that will help you tap into the highest level of energetic magic, come and join us!

Hey there

I am Leanne Rose, Superconsciousness Activator

I fully believe that Women are the wayshowers of the I fully believe that Women are the wayshowers of the world. There is an entirely new paradigm of consciousness being unlocked upon the planet right now and it is women who are leading the way. Women like you, who hold big, audacious dreams to create transcendent levels of wealth and success whilst empowering others to do the same; together, we will change the world.

As I’ve moved through this powerful process of blowing the lid off my own upper limits, discovering the height of manifestation and energetic mastery, exploding into monumental Spiritual gifts and creating life changing transformation for my clients all over the world, I have found that there is one key secret to tapping into our truly Limitless potential to create transcendent levels of wealth, health, love and success;

Embodying the truth of Oneness

Our internal reality creates our external world. When I began playing with embodying the truth that I truly am Source Energy in Human Form, The Universe itself, The Creator of my entire reality… EVERYTHING shifted.


Unlocking this Identity within means unlocking the ability to mould the very fabric of reality to our will as we anchor into the belief that it is possible.


It means we are no longer limited by the 3rd dimensional laws- by what seems to ‘make sense’- because we are tapping into the very frequencies that are creating the 3rd dimension itself and are able to recode our Human experience moment to moment, becoming truly conscious participants and architects of our 3D experiences.

I thrive on helping souls across the world anchor into this entirely new level of Consciousness, taking energetics and Identity work to an entirely new level, utilising my skills as a trained Mental Health Professional and Therapist to assist people to push the very edges of their self concept so they can crack into entirely new level of play in this cosmic playground called life (creating astronomical levels of success in the process).

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