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Make the Universe Your Playground As You Unlock Superconsciousness to Create the Internal Expansion Required to Access Limitless Income and Potential


hey goddess, this is for you

Are you feeling the urge to break through glass ceilings and step into your truly limitless potential as the creator of your entire reality?


Discover how to build and shift your 3D reality in a way that feels like REAL LIFE MAGIC as you make bank, create legacy-level impact, collapse time on repeat and build that jaw dropping body and soulfully sensual relationship your heart desires.

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hey goddess


01. Bored

You've accomplished the things you once dreamt of. Your results are anything but average (and people remind you of this daily). Yet you know you are simply scratching the surface of what you are actually capable of and what is truly available to you. You’re being called to think and move bigger but you feel restricted by your current internal and external capacity.

02. You've Hit A Glass Ceiling

You’ve mastered manifestation beyond what most people dream possible but you can’t seem to break past those upper limits. That ceiling you keep coming up against? You’re ready to make it the new floor and leave it in the dust as you skyrocket into stratospheric new levels of success.

03. You've Outgrown Old Methods

Traditional manifestation methods aren’t cutting it anymore- they feel dull, boring and limp af. You might even be questioning if you’re going backwards (you’re not…)


You’re ready to play in a brand new paradigm  that is opening up to us; the level where there are no limits, no caps, no ceilings.

Where you unlock colossal internal shifts that will open you up to holding transcendent levels of wealth and success in your external realm




By showing up for this Soul Journey

Limitless is a year long 1:1 intensive and intimately personalized soul journey, led by the Source frequencies I channel.


Combining powerful experiential energetic work and unmatched channelled teachings on the core fabric of reality, by the end of our year together you will understand the mechanics of manifestation at the highest level so that you can collapse time on repeat, obliterate those perceived upper limits and truly master energetics across all realms of life.


This makes you become a magnet for the soul soaring levels of income, impact and intimacy you desire (through being more, not doing more).

As we reconnect you to your core essence, your Divinity, as a completely Unique element of Source, you will tap into your limitless potential as the creator of your own reality, a pure channel for Source.


You will gain laser focussed clarity on the legacy you are here to build into the world so you can create the level of impact you crave as you watch the cash roll in and the adoration/ success you feel in your world soar to stratospheric heights.

This isn't just about building a business...

This is about building a life you absolutely fucking adore - at every level!



Discover energetic mastery at its highest level in this sacred journey back to the deepest levels of connection to self and to Source, as you unlock your ability to create whatever you desire and blast through upper limits in a way that feels like real life magic.


how does it work?

What is Limitless?

unpopular opinion


Here's a small taste of what to expect during our 12 month journey together

part #1

Why you have been feeling stuck

You've tapped into Abundance and mind-blowing levels of Manifestation already. But you know you have only scratched the surface and you can feel the burning urge to create more but you feel fully at capacity, like there’s no room to grow.

You’re feeling squeezed because you’re meeting an edge babe- you’re being invited to step into a level of manifestation (and success) that is so much bigger​ than what you’re used to.

The idea that you cannot grow anymore than you have is ILLUSION.

The squeeze you’re feeling is simply your system's way of letting you know…you’re outgrowing this version of you. Which is why the things you have achieved seem so small now.

You’re not being ungrateful. You’re being called to something bigger.

And my zone of genius, paired with the powerful Source Frequencies I work with, is to show you how to crack yourself all the way open into the highest levels of play you came here for (and have an absolute ball while you do it!)

XPO_7268 (1).jpg

part #2

You've outgrown past self and strategies

Where you’re being called to makes the industry rhetoric of “remembering who the fuck you are…” look like childsplay. (Because it is… remembering is just the beginning.)

We will activate your Divinity across all aspects of your life; your sacred partnership in your business, your intimate relationships, your body; so that all are working in perfect harmony to create the space and expansion you desire that will allow Source to show you how to create the level of success you desire.

This is frequency work at the ultimate level- an entirely new realm of Consciousness and the juiciest level of play!

part #3

It's time to play in a whole New Paradigm

Imagine existing as the version of you that could never reach capacity because you were TRULY limitless in your Being.

In our 12 month journey together, we activate the gateway to your highest potential, moving beyond the limitations of your Human identity, into Super Consciousness.

We will show you the difference between Co-Creating WITH the Universe vs Creating AS the Universe (the Identity shift that is going to catapult you into radical new levels of success as you unlock the faucet of abundance that is always flowing to you, connecting directly to your own Divine wisdom so you can discover the exact strategies that you can implement to do less and receive more).

Imagine the level of manifestation you can achieve when this is the Identity you are embodying.

You are The Universe itself- the Creator of worlds. And the 3rd dimensional reality is your playground babe. That colossal vision you hold is already here and I can teach you how to tap into it to birth it into your reality…


what she said...

“I could talk for hours about it but the experience was life changing, empowering, beautiful, transformative… it was just amazing. There is no way I could have expected, or planned for what this was. I thought we were just going to be learning about Manifestation and of course we were… but oof! There’s just nothing like it, there’s really not.”

~ Kylee, Manifestation Coach

Image by Tevei Renvoyé

This is for you if ...

You’re ready to obliterate limitation and create mind-blowing transformation across all areas of your life

You are ready to tap into the highest frequencies of Source itself and experience transcendent levels of magic in your business, your relationships and your body

You are finally ready to unlock your gifts and become your own divine connection to Source, to ensure EVERY strategy you put your hand to, turns to gold.

You’re ready to anchor into SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and play in a whole new paradigm.

Is this for me?

This is not for you if ...

You are not willing to "show up" for yourself within this experience

You are not willing to embrace and push past the inevitable discomfort of the growing pains that come with your expansion.

You are not willing to be open-hearted, teachable and coachable to new concepts and framework

You are perfectly happy with every aspect of your life exactly as it is at this moment and wouldn't change a single thing.

It's time to make the Universe your Playground.
Ready to play?

Hey there

I am Leanne Rose, Superconsciousness Activator

I fully believe that Women are the wayshowers of the I fully believe that Women are the wayshowers of the world. There is an entirely new paradigm of consciousness being unlocked upon the planet right now and it is women who are leading the way. Women like you, who hold big, audacious dreams to create transcendent levels of wealth and success whilst empowering others to do the same; together, we will change the world.

As I’ve moved through this powerful process of blowing the lid off my own upper limits, discovering the height of manifestation and energetic mastery, exploding into monumental Spiritual gifts and creating life changing transformation for my clients all over the world, I have found that there is one key secret to tapping into our truly Limitless potential to create transcendent levels of wealth, health, love and success;

Embodying the truth of Oneness

Our internal reality creates our external world. When I began playing with embodying the truth that I truly am Source Energy in Human Form, The Universe itself, The Creator of my entire reality… EVERYTHING shifted.


Unlocking this Identity within means unlocking the ability to mould the very fabric of reality to our will as we anchor into the belief that it is possible.


It means we are no longer limited by the 3rd dimensional laws- by what seems to ‘make sense’- because we are tapping into the very frequencies that are creating the 3rd dimension itself and are able to recode our Human experience moment to moment, becoming truly conscious participants and architects of our 3D experiences.

I thrive on helping souls across the world anchor into this entirely new level of Consciousness, taking energetics and Identity work to an entirely new level, utilising my skills as a trained Mental Health Professional and Therapist to assist people to push the very edges of their self concept so they can crack into entirely new level of play in this cosmic playground called life (creating astronomical levels of success in the process).

Image by Danilo Batista


Discover how to create a life where you get to have it all by recoding your reality at the most intricate level.

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